Something new....

Now, two years after the time I created this web site I think it is neccessary to provide you some more info about my work. At first, I've got many material from my new friends, drawings papers and also films. Now I have so many films that it is impossible to add all shots of firings on my web and also it is not possible because materials were pretty expensive.

In future I would like to create complete collection of available motion pictures with the V-2 rocket (it is not very far away) and write report about German experiments with A-4/V-2 only from view of available motion pictures. It will show experiments in Peenemuende with stills from movies.

Unfortunately I still can't find nobody who is iterested in this subject (A-4 motion pictures) so deeply as me. I have only poor information about way of seized films into the USA.

In this time I have ca. 100 firings of A-4/V-2 rocket on motion pictures. Here you have some new shots I've got during last 2 years:

Here you have some samples of 1944 firings, now I have several dozen of shots like these:

Next pictures show first experiments with field equipment on P-10 in 1943:

Picture on the right shows empty P-7 before flight tests of A-4 in 1942, on the next is preparing of one of the first A-4 prototypes for static firing test on P-7, last shows testing one of the first A-4 on Meillerwagen.

On the left is Dr. Thiel during preparing of  V-002 for the launch, on the right is A-4 in the spring 1943:

Year 1944, left shows burnings A-4 with yellow camouflage, right shows typical A-4 made in March 1944 just after take off from P-10:

Several shots from training movie created in Blizna in May 1944, shows disconnecting of engine from rocket's bodie, using of special equipment etc.