Static firing tests of V-2.

P7 (Peenemuende): At test station P-7 were three mobile stands for testing rockets, their engines and guidance system.Rocket was placed into stand inside big hall and then stand with rocket moved out from hall. At the end of track it turned to the right and stopped in the middle of servicing trench where test realized.

P1 (Peenemuende): Test stand P-1 was older and was intended for testing engines and combustion chambers it was situated beside P-7. P-1 was rather big reiforced concrete bunker with steel superstructure

Very interesting is the fourth image from testing of early version of A-4 engine with long nozzle.

Laura (Schmiedebach): I don´t know very much about this plant. It was  intended for testing of serial produced combustion chambers (about 30 per day).

View to the nozzle of working engine. We can see injecting of alcohol from the last subsidiary cooling ring.